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Cost of gas plan fight set to soar

The cost of the fight against Scottish Power's proposals to build a gas processing plant at Byley has reached 4,000 so far, Cranage residents were told on Tuesday.
Parish council clerk Frank Walton warned them that the costs could soar still further.
He explained that the initial costs had been incurred by employing planning consultant Dr. Wendy Le Las to oppose the plans after they were submitted to Vale Royal Borough Council.
But now that the plans have been resubmitted to Cheshire County Council Mr. Walton said costs were likely to be "considerably more" and pointed out that if the plan was turned down, the indications were that Scottish Power would appeal.
"That will mean more expense," he said. "There has been some suggestion that we should launch a public appeal."
But one resident, Ted Owen, who is an engineer, questioned whether the council was getting value for money.
He said expert knowledge was required to avoid Dr. Le Las "coming away with egg on her face" when she faced consultants acting for Scottish Power and wanted to know whether she would be calling in any engineering expertise.
But Dr. Le Las was defended by new parish council chairman Coun. May Mackenzie, who described her as a planning consultant who had acted for the council on numerous occasions.
"She is a very dynamic character and has gone into great detail and knows the experts needed to get all the information," she said. The support of many adjacent local councils was welcomed and Coun. Mrs. Mackenzie also thanked Coun. Rab Parry, who this week lost his seat on Cheshire County Council, for all his hard work for Cranage in the past.

Sandbach Chronicle, 22nd June 2001

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