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Suggested grounds for objections to the above proposal.

Please use these as a guide in your written objections, which should be, sent to:

Mr Adrian Lea
Environmental Planning
Cheshire County Council
Backford Hall

quoting the reference 4/APP/2001/471, ensuring your letter is forwarded to arrive by 24th May 2001.

1. The proposal is a departure from the adopted structure plan.

2. Byley Airfield is not derelict by definition in the 1993 survey. (Click here for extracts from the official definition of "Derelict Land".)

3. Air pollution from the process would be unacceptable.

4. Equally, the noise from the turbines in the countryside.

5. The external lighting would pollute the night sky dramatically.

6. It would be visually intrusive due to its size and a totally inappropriate use in the countryside, being equivalent to a medium sized power station.

7. An approval would be a contravention of our human rights as it would affect our standard of living.

8. The proposal is not of national importance or need and is a commercial enterprise by Scottish power to make money for its shareholders.

9. It would set a precedent for further development in the countryside.

10. It would be potentially dangerous in the event of an accident, particularly due to the close proximity of the local primary school, adjacent residential properties and the M6 motorway.

Byley Primary School
Photograph Byley Primary School

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